Laser processing and marking


Optola offers laser micromachining systems – an innovative and dynamic technology solution for industry. Laser micromachining equipment is used in production of precise and high quality specialized tools. Optola offered workstations are equipped with nanosecond or picosecond lasers, combination of advanced beam guidance. Such systems achieve micrometer-scale precision.


Thanks to close cooperation with Lithuanian science institutions and laboratories, our engineers have vast resources and knowledge to design innovative, reliable and durable systems. Usage of most advanced equipment allows us to manufacture high performance systems and optimized solutions for Optola clients – unique on the market.

Mikroapdirbimas - Optola


  • European made Fibre, Nd:YAG or Nd:YVOlaser sources.
  • 2-100 W lasers with 10 ns to 50ps pulse duration
  • Scanning or static head
  • Variable beam shaping options
  • Integrated analysis and measurement systems for real-time monitoring.
  • Processed materials: Quartz, SiC, sapphire, diamonds, biological materials, biodegradable polymers, glass, most metals, ferroelectric ceramics, etc.

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