Laser cleaning


Laser cleaning is reliable, fast, energy and material-efficient technology used for surface cleaning. Rust, coatings, paint, oils and many other unwanted materials can be quickly and efficiently removed. No abrasives or chemical compounds are consumed during the process, what makes this technology user and environment-friendly. Due to quick and rare servicing time it is widely used in material processing.


Laser cleaning compared to existing conventional technologies such as sand blasting, dry ice or chemical cleaning is highly effective, economic and sustainable solution.


Technology payback time is approximately one year assuming one shift operation. Optola offers Laser cleaning equipment from 18,000 to 190,000 EUR depending on the user application and desired automatization.


  • Plastic and rubber mold cleaning
  • Selective removal of rust or dye layers
  • Cleaning of oil deposits for the food industry
  • Removal of vapour deposits after plating and painting
  • Metal degreasing prior to joining, soldering, or welding
  • Weld finishing – elimination of discolouration
  • Metal surface texturing and modification
  • Removal of various coatings
  • Restoration of houses, bridges, sculptures or even paintings


  • Contactless technology – due to short laser pulses no thermal and no chemical damage is made to the underlying substrate.
  • Dry technology – eliminates use of expensive and hazardous consumables such as chemicals or blasting media.
  • Precise – variable, accurate cleaning area and variable output power can be easily adjusted for your desired application. Complex shapes and figures can be cleaned without shape being damaged.
  • Reliable – high-quality Lithuanian industrial design built for durability and reliability.
  • Fast preparation – system and employee preparation for work takes less than 5 minutes.
  • Safe – only safety glasses has to be used for protection.
  • Compact and portable – systems can be easily moved or even be used as a backpack.
  • Quick return of investment– low operating costs allows payback period within one year.
  • Low operational costs – system electrical power consumption varies from 1 to 5 kilowatts per hour depending on model, no other material have to be used during the process.
  • Sustainable – our systems are energy efficient and environment friendly.


Portable systems include laser cleaning machine equipped with desired length optical fiber and a laser gun. Available output power is in range of 20-1000 W. Depending on output power, these systems are used for applications ranging from small surface treatment that requires high precision cleaning, to the removal of thick material layers on various types of substrates. These systems are fully portable and can be equipped with fibre of up to 40 m length.


Optola offers backpack model laser cleaning systems. Their output power reaches up to 50W, systems are light weight (<18 kg), easy control allows system to be used in harsh environments.

Optola offers cost-effective optimized compact laser workstations suited for multifunction automated systems. Compact stationary Nd:YAG solid state laser or fiber laser sources are suited for laser cleaning. These lasers are optimized to achieve highest efficiency and quick return of investment in conveyor belts and automated systems.

Fully automated cleaning systems optimize the benefits of laser technology. Optola provides full support, from test to complete installation, and ensures reliable service and technical support according to customer requirements.