Automotive application

Laser cleaning technology is widely used in automotive repair and manufacturing. This technology has major advantages comparing to conventional solutions, especially in material treatment, oxidation removal and de-coating of various structures and parts. Usually laser cleaning systems are used in automotive industry for treatment of rims, door welds, aluminum and plastic bodies, panes or entire car frame.


Engine, chassis and brakes processing

Laser based cleaning of engine seals or clutch discs, welding pre-treatment of gear wheels or post-treatment of chassis, paint stripping of stabilizers as well as coating pre-treatment of brake discs or brake pad carriers is common solution in automotive industry.


Lasers cleaning systems are used for wires isolating coating or paint stripping, adhesive pre-treatment for control units, soldering and welding areas pre-treatment for cable lugs, flux and anodized layers removal.


Laser technology is suitable to clean plastic, rubber and tire molds. System flexibility proves to have particular advantage in cleaning molds with complex profile geometries due to being fast, reliable and damage-free for surface textures. Moreover, Optola laser cleaning systems running costs are much lower in contrast to conventional chemical, particle or ice blasting process, not to mention that cleaning process itself is almost noiseless. Optola offers compact design which can be flexibly used in limited space environment.


Laser cleaning has major advantages in aircraft production and repair compared to conventional cleaning methods. Laser light removes the lacquer, paint or other coating without any damage to sensitive base material. Aircraft frame and parts can be optimally prepared for frame grounding and bonding of fastening elements. In the field of aerospace, laser cleaning allows to pre-treat metallic surfaces for thermal insulation and substitutes conventional, chromate-containing and highly environmentally harmful substances.


Laser cleaning in Aerospace application is used for:

  • Partial and precise paint stripping for manufacturing or repair purposes
  • Spot gluing pre-treatment for the fixation
  • Exposure of contacting CFRP components
  • Adhesive pre-treatment of aluminum components
  • Turbine blade cleaning
  • Titanium components paint pre-treatment

Laser cleaning has major advantages in metal processing comparing to conventional cleaning methods especially considering oxidation and coating removal. Laser light has no thermal or chemical impact to base material and can precisely clean fixed areas.


One of the most common laser cleaning and processing application is aluminium cleaning. Comparing with standard solutions such as sand blassing or dry ice cleaning, laser light cleans aluminium without any damage or mechanical contact to material. Laser cleaning is perfect solution where maintaining smooth and undamaged surface is essential task. Laser technology does not use any harsh chemicals or consumables and has very low maintenance cost. Laser  cleaning systems are completely safe for environment and employee.

Removal of paint overspray and graffiti

Laser-based cleaning systems can be used for graffiti and overspray removal from buildings and sculptures without damaging coating, base material or surface texture.


Main advantages comparing to conventional methods:

  • No base material damage
  • Low maintenance cost
  • No chemicals are required
  • Low safety requirements
  • No damage to surface texture
Food industry

Baking trays, molds, and conveyors can be easily and quickly cleaned free of oil, grease and deposits using laser cleaning technology. Flat or textured baking molds made of various metals, plastics are well-suited for laser cleaning. Cleaning procedure can be even made during production process.


Cleaning examples:

  • Cleaning of sugar cone, waffle molds
  • Cleaning of product handling components & conveying systems
Art restauration

Laser cleaning is well known and widely used solution for sculptures, paintings, fasades, frescoes restauration. Layers of sediment and dirt can be quickly removed without any damage to base material. Old paintings original colours can be easily restored or if needed thin layers of paint can be removed by using this technique.


Marble imitation removal (to reveal original paint layer) from easily damageable paint layer.  


Marble imitation removal (to reveal original white paint layer) from easily damageable paint layer using Optola 50 W laser cleaning system.


Fresco restoration using Optola 50 W laser cleaning system. In this photo you can see revealed parts: top left (part of figure forehead); center (left eye of figure); center botton (part of figure lip).


Grey paint removal to reveal original golden paint layer.

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